Thursday, August 18, 2011


Sometimes they are right. This conversation took place on twitter this morning.

KristinPartyof5: I don't have time to be sick (long cuss word entered here)

KristinPartyof5: Sore, itchy throat, clogged ears, runny nose, cough, glands super swollen and a low grade fever. Lovely.

HowardWest: @KristinPartyof5 I'm sorry u r sick

KristinPartyof5: @HowardWest Not your fault. I guess you are right and I do need to take care of myself lol. With everything going on, I haven't been.

HowardWest: @KristinPartyof5 u come first and then the kids and then me and then everything else. Lol

KristinPartyof5: @HowardWest Yeah...right.

HowardWest: @KristinPartyof5 See, I'm right sometimes!

KristinPartyof5: @HowardWest Yes you are and lucky for you, it's documented on twitter so you can remember this momentous occasion. LOL

HowardWest: @KristinPartyof5 LMAO

♥ Kristin

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