Thursday, August 25, 2011

They lasted 3 days

Before they were absent.

My girls didn't go to school today, Mackenzie has been really asthmatic the past few days and she was starting to get cranky about it on Wednesday night saying that she just wasn't feeling well. Also, last night Maddie had an accident which is really rare. I changed her sheets, washed her down and changed her PJ's and when I felt her forehead I thought my hand was going to burn off. She was registering at 102 degrees! I gave her some motrin and sent her back to bed. Mackenzie woke up before her alarm went off at 6 this morning and said she felt really terrible. Wouldn't you know it, face was on fire. 101.9 degrees! Yesterday Parker was messing with his ear, being cranky, coughing lightly and had a runny nose. He also woke up with 100 degree fever.

So, no school and off to the doctor we went. Not their regular pediatrician, but a partner in the same clinic.

Mackenzie: still had a few degrees of fever, lungs were clear but throat was red, sinus pressure. Z-pack given.
Maddie: Ears were clogged, cleaned out, fever just slightly above normal, throat was red from sinuses, lungs are clear. Doctor said to give her Motrin and Children's Mucinex. I was extremely annoyed by this, I truly believe she needs an antibiotic but the doctor would NOT write her a prescription for it.
Parker: lungs were clear, no fever, throat red and some sinus issues. Also said to treat with motrin, Children's Mucinex and Benedryl. Lovely.

I really hate when they can't see their own doctor.

Oh and Mackenzie's Z-Pack still isn't ready according to Walgreens they're not even sure they got the orders for the prescription. Waiting on a Pharmacist to call me back. Annoyed is such a small word for what I am feeling right now.

&hearts Kristin

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