The West Family

Born on February 11th in Houston, Texas
The Original Bag lady, except she has moved up in the world from toddler hood where she loved plastic grocery bags she now prefers more upscale brands. Loves anything with owls and anything colored gray or turquoise. Is constantly stuck in a book, entranced by her Kindle or has a camera in her hand. My family says that I have a huge sense of humor and my one liners, ever failing mouth filter and self deprecating humor always leaves them in stitches. Slightly obsessed with doing crafts but NEVER has the time. Fully dedicated to Christ and the unrelenting roll he plays in our lives. God is so Good! INSANELY obsessed with Pinterest. Fiercely loyal and family oriented, ever volunteering to do more things than time allows.

Born on April 18th in Springfield, Massachusetts
Definitely a big kid. Huge natural flirt which makes every female member of our family love him to death. He is a definite charmer and loves to help. When he has the time he loves to bake.
Doesn't know how to pick his battles at all very well. However, he loves to be goofy and make everyone laugh, which is does often.
Has a talent for fixing vehicles, it just comes naturally and he is very good at it.
He loves Jeff Dunham and You Tube an stealing his wife's Kindle (seriously, get your own). Whenever he has free time he loves to play video games on the computer, Wii or Facebook but he hardly ever has that time. 

..Mackenzie Ellyce..
AKA Kiddo, Booger, Mack, Kenzie, Macaroni
Born on March 21st, 2001 in Bryan, Texas
The funniest kid you will ever meet. Even though she can be typical moody preteen she always has a smile on her face. Lover of all things sparkly or turquoise. Loves to read, just like her Mom. Very creative and Artsy. Loves to play the Wii and play Sims 3 on the computer every chance she gets. Blessed with a beautiful singing voice and a compassion and love for Christ that even awes her parents.
Amazing big sister and pseudo mother when needed.

..Madison Lorraine..
AKA Maddie,  Punkers, Pumpkin Pie, Love Bug, Princess
Born on January 9th, 2007 in Austin, Texas
Lover of all things Red or Pink. Beyond dramatic. Adores her siblings and thinks she IS Rapunzel. Can do numerous tongue tricks. Loves to make up songs and dance. Loves to look at dogs but if one comes near her, she will scream like it is eating her alive. Favorite pastimes include annoying her sister, curling herself into the smallest ball possible and humming, no I'm not's her favorite thing to do.

..Parker Philip..
AKA Bubs, Bubbers, Bubber Dubbers
Born on September 24, 2009 in Austin, Texas
Obsessed with absolutely anything that moves and has an engine, like any typical boy. Loves his sisters to death. Favorite phrase is "It's not fair" and "I'm NOT!". Is an all time 'Mama's Boy'. Favorite pastimes include telling perfect strangers really random things, dancing, singing, coloring, playing with the retro hot wheels collection he got from his Daddy for his birthday, driving cars on everything and being the most inappropriate three year old on the planet.