Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Girls

On Monday, my girls started school.

Mackenzie had her first day of 5th grade. Her first day of her last year in Elementary School. Typing that made me dizzy. I cannot believe she is in fifth grade already. Her team of teachers are amazing and I think this is going to be a great year for her!

My pretty 5th grader

Her homeroom teacher is in Aggie, which makes me so beyond proud. Her Science and Social Studies teacher is one of her top picks for teachers so she was really excited about being in her class and her Math teacher is just awesome. It's amazing how you can spend a few minutes with someone and know that they are going to be great for your child.
She has a ton of her friends in her class, including one who was in her Kindergarten class. Start together, finish together. She let me walk her to class expressing that I would not be able to do this next year (I laughed through the tears through that one). She hugged and kissed me, her sister and her brother and took off into her room. I didn't cry when I left her, that's probably because I had to walk a mile with a lethargic Maddie and carrying a 40 pound Parker while barely being able to breathe. But, once I started driving home there may of been a few tears shed.

A few impatient hours later (by her, not me) Maddie started her first day of Pre K. She's in the afternoon class so she has school from 11:55-2:35.

My sweet, sweet Maddie Mo

Once we got to school, she was waiting in line and her Sissy showed up (she was at lunch) to say hello.

Just like Mackenzie, Maddie has never been to day care, or put in any situation other then family or Children's Church has ever watched her so I was a little concerned about how she will take being away from me.

And, just like Mackenzie, she took it like a pro...barely looked back.

Me, on the other hand, cried for an hour. They both had amazing first days. With the only hiccup being when Maddie was supposed to wait for her class to go through the lunch line (she brought her lunch the first day) she went outside with the Kindergartners and swung on a swing and gave her teacher a heart attack. The had amazing second days as well (with no issues). They both love school, their teachers and friends and are having a great year so far.

♥ Kristin


  1. SO cute. Its hard to believe that Mackenzie is in SCHOOL. time flies!! WOW. They are beautiful. :)

    I cant figure out how to follow your blog btw. LOL

  2. Yes ma'am it is nuts! Aww, thanks Jess! About following my blog, I ummm totally forgot to add that gadget back when I updated apparently. It's on the sidebar now. Whoopsie. Sorry about that. Thanks for reading Jess!