Sunday, July 31, 2011

Road Trip Journal

3:30am-Time to go to sleep! Exhausted but having trouble shutting off my brain!
7am- Ugh, the alarm's going off. Snooze button pressed x2. Oooo cuddles, yay! Short lived, Howard is jumping in the shower.
7:30am- Just got a text from Howard telling me he loves me and I need to get moving. Um,'s cold in here. That's...weird. Ahh, thanks TS Don for the overcast skies!
8am- Howard's waking the kids up, God help us! They're not cranky-SCORE! They're cold too, little ones are in a snuggie with Daddy.
8:50am- Leaving the house to go get my mom. Parker went nuts when Howard and the girls were loading the van.
9am- Picking up my mom and breakfast. Aaaaaand Howard just dropped the portable high chair down the stairs. Awesome, I give it a 3.2
9:05am- First tears of the day, Maddie shook her orange juice and it splattered EVERYWHERE.
9:50am- First stop of the day, Elgin, Tx. Drinks, Potty Break and WOOHOO FREE POPCORN!
10:10am- Maddie has now misplaced her paci (I know, I know...) She is pissed but will have to wait until we stop again.
10:56am- HALF WAY MARK! Brenham, Tx. 69 miles to Houston.
11:18am- Second stop of the day, found the Paci...potty break!
11:45am-IN HOUSTON, YAY!
1:00pm- we're 2 miles from our exit off the major highways. Something
1:08pm- Code Brown repeat we have a CODE BROWN!! Parker has exploded out of his diaper, shorts and the leather driver seat is not covered!
1:55pm- we're dressed, madeup, cleaned up, hair did and ready to go. We also stopped at McDonalds to grab a snack.
2:17pm- we're here...but no one else is. Hmm :/
2:19pm- HA! Grandparents are here! Omg my grandmother is SO skinny! :(
2:49pm- All childrens in the pool. Parker's pissed that I'm not in there, but me and a bathing suit...not a good combo.
3:40pm- All the fam is here except for my cousin Shari and her family. Rightfully so too, she's a busy girl, her husband was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks from the Seattle Mariners...this happened late Friday night. Sheesh! Parker was falling asleep in the pool so I'm going to clean him up and see if I can get him to sleep.
4:25pm-HE PEED ON ME! The brat peed all over my pants, so now it looks like I peed on myself. He is being so bad, 2 tantrums. Sheesh, still trying to get him down.
5:05pm- Thank you GOD he's asleep! Nap time for bubs, Nanny's going to nap with him so break time for Mommy!
6:20pm- Dinner's ready! Gourmet sandwiches...yum-o! Oh and Parker's up now.
6:35pm- sitting on the floor trying to feed Parker, so not happening! Dum, Dums for dinner it is!
7:58pm- Time to leave. Saying goodbye to everyone! It was so good seeing them all. My cousin stopped me to talk about my dad. Is it bad that I told her that I'd have to email her. Meh.
8:27pm- @Walmart to get gasoline and off we go! Getting onto major highways again.
9:17pm- 2nd stop at Sonic for yummy drinks and a small snack for Little Mr. I didn't eat my dinner.
10pm- 3rd stop @Loves Truck Stop for my hubby to get coffee, potty break and snacks for the girls. Their snack of choice: Tereyaki beef jerky and pork rinds. My kids are redneck ya'll.
10:17pm- We left Loves 4 minutes ago, 24oz Loves 'Bold Blend' coffee...GONE!
10:45pm- Half way point! Parker is almost asleep thanks to my singing. Oh hey, he is asleep!
10:55pm- Maddie lost her paci...again. Why do we have a paci clip on it if she doesn't use it?!
11:37pm- 37 miles to Austin. Parker's sleeping good, as is Mack. My mom is having restless legs like a big dog. She can't get comfortable. :( Maddie is awake and asking every 2 minutes or so if we're almost there and how many miles we have left. Howard has heartburn and I'm...hungry?
12:26am- just dropped my mom off at home, now time to head home ourselves!
2:40am- kids and husband are in bed, my turn!

I hope you all enjoyed this, thought it would be fun!
♥ Kristin

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