Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why hello September

Um, where did August go?

Update on Sickies: Mackenzie and Maddie are 100% better except for asthma issues. Parker is pretty much 100% or he was until this weekend when he was around a cat (we all are majorly allergic) and now he has an allergy rash and a runny nose.
On Tuesday, Howard went to the doctor because he had some major symptoms. I'm so glad he went. He had a sinus infection, bronchitis and a double inner ear infection. It always seems like if there is an illness around Howard, he'll get it and it'll be 10x worse than anyone else. He is feeling back to normal now.

We just came off of a busy 3 day weekend. On Saturday we were supposed to take my Dad out for a belated birthday lunch, but that fell through because of my parents ever surrounding drama. So, after Howard got off work (he had a short day) we went out anyway and had a nice lunch and then came home and cleaned house and just kind of hung out.
On Sunday we left bright and early to go visit Howard's grandmother and parents in Wharton, Tx. The food was terrible, but the company was amazing. I love his grandmother so much. I am very lucky to love my in laws (and trust me, it hasn't always been this way).
West...Party of 9?!
L-to-R: (First Row) Maddie, Mackenzie. (Second Row) Howard SR, Ann-Howard's grandmother, Howard and Parker. (Back Row) Todd-Howard's brother, Linda-Howard's mom and...me. This was almost a full family picture but Howard's oldest brother Karl, his wife Angela and their kids couldn't make it.

We had a very nice time and a very long drive home that night. It was long enough considering the kids were tired and cranky but then, as we were making our way home, we smelled smoke. Our normal route consisted of driving down Hwy 71 through Bastrop. THIS is why we smelled smoke, saw flames shooting through the air and saw the sky and smoke glow for MILES. It's also why we had to take a back road detour in the middle of the night. But, we made it home safely thank God.

Labor day consisted of me baking a brisket (grilling is a big no-no), getting a constant update on Central Texas going up in flames via Twitter and KXAN news and cleaning out our garage. Despite the terrible flaming destruction it was a gorgeous day. Cool breeze, not a cloud in the sky, cooler temperatures (compared to the 80 100 degree+ days we've had this year) I didn't want to go inside!

What did you do for the long weekend?

♥ Kristin

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