Friday, July 29, 2011

Hey, hey it's her birthday!

Today is my mother's birthday.

Our plans for today include having lunch with my sister and her beautiful kiddos and I am going to get my Mom's nails done and I may possibly get a pedicure. Why do I say possibly? Well, I am the Queen of Buyers Remorse. I constantly regret spending any money on myself, so justifying a pedicure...oh what the hell am I kidding? Pedicures are necessary, especially as of late so...I got one. Eep.
My mom's birthday did not start off well. She is having a really hard time with my Dad who has been diagnosed with an extremely advanced stage of Dementia. My parents live together, although they've been divorced since 1998. They are best friends and love each other very much, just not in a romantic way anymore. However, he was still the love of her lifetime and seeing him deteriorate so quickly and having him be so out of character is literally breaking her heart. It's frustrating for her and very hard to deal with especially because she has so many issues of her own.
When she got in my car she was a blubbering mess, well that just couldn't do. So I spent the next 20 minutes while waiting for my sister to arrive at the restaurant (she was at the doctor with my niece who was feeling under the weather) I did everything I could to put her in a better mood, which I am happy to say worked. Then we had an awesome lunch with both her daughters and grandchildren just made her feel great. The margarita may have helped a little too.

Bubbers trying on Nanny's new glasses, which are just too cute

My sister, Stacie, The Birthday girl and Parker trying to share his grilled cheese

The Birthday girl and her Bubs.

After lunch we headed to drop the kids off and went in search for a place to get pampered. And no, I didn't make appointments like I should of, it's been a while since we went to a nail salon and I wasn't sure which one we were going to. On the way there, her phone was blowing up with phone calls with 'Happy Birthday' wishes. I told her to start answering her phone saying "Hey, hey it's my birthday, what do you want?" She didn't do it...killjoy.
Finally we found a place that had an awesome staff, reasonable prices and no wait. So we started, and we chatted the entire time. My mom got a phone call from her sister teasing her that she was getting awfully close to 60. But basically we chit chatted and just relaxed and enjoyed being pampered.

I KNOW she needed this!

We were kinda talking to each other from across the room, but it worked, our voices carry.

And...the finished products...

GORGEOUS! I'm so jealous!

My pretty toes! The birthday girl picked out the color.

It was a great day, I love my mom.

♥ Kristin

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