Friday, January 18, 2013

Eff you Cancer!

Right before Christmas my Mother in Law was diagnosed with uterine cancer.
Just hearing that word was totally devastating to her. Her Grandmother and Mother both died because of cancer. Through a few weeks and many doctors appointments and testing she found out that the cancer is affecting her uterus and ovaries and her doctor planned on performing a full hysterectomy to get the cancerous cells out of her body.
She has never had any surgery, and the risks of surgery and having cancer is just overwhelming to her. She is such a strong, amazing, God fearing woman and to see her so uncertain is shaking my husband and I to our core.
She was supposed to have surgery today, but Thursday she failed an EKG. She has since had another one and more testing an passed it. She is having a stress test as I type this to make sure her heart and body can withstand surgery.

Last Saturday we also found out that Howard's only living grandparent, Ann also has cancer. She has had cancer before (thyroid) and they removed the organ and cancer successfully with surgery. Now, her health is very poor. She has issues with mobility, talking, every day activities plus she has a heart condition. Surgery is not a likely source of treatment but I don't think Chemo or Radiation will be either. She has spent the past week in Houston getting a ton of testing done to see what the cancer is affecting exactly and what her options are. Ann is the only Grandparent that Howard has ever known. He grew up across the street from  her and he is just devastated as is my father in law.

His wife and his mother...I cannot imagine.

Linda (MIL) is tentavely planned to have surgery on Tuesday, January 22.
Hopefully we will get some answers about Ann (Grandmother) soon.
Please keep these amazing women in your thoughts and prayers, for they are loved and needed by so many.

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