Friday, January 25, 2013

That can happen?!

The past few days Howard has had a tooth ache that he has had time to time but he's noticed a little swelling and his pain level was an 8. Not cool.
Wednesday while we waited for his Mom he was tempted to go to the ER part of the hospital because of the amount of pain he was in. When he woke up Thursday morning he was in a lot of pain and his face felt funny. By 10am his face was going numb at times, he had horrible ear pain and some popping in his ear and his vision was going in and out on his right eye. He went to the dentist for the first time in 14 years and found out that all 4 wisdom teeth are completely grown out and completely messed up. His upper right side wisdom tooth was so swollen, and so messed up it was messing with the nerves in his face (seriously, that can happen?!). The oral surgeon needs to take all four of them out, but wants to start with the right top that is so infected and impacting his face and his lower left one that is broken into pieces. The dentist put Howard on a strong antibiotic and pain medicine.
So today, being wary of the nerve issues the oral surgeon took out the two teeth. Watching them numb him up for surgery made me feel horrible. He flinched so many times. Watching the oral surgeon try to get that top tooth out was one of the most gruesome things I have ever watched, hands down. I didn't realize it but apparently I got really pale and had my hands over my mouth, the dental assistant came over to me and touched me on the shoulder and asked me if I was okay. I was fine, honestly I was just so unbelievably worried about the pain that Howard was in/could be in/if he could feel freaked me out but I could not stop looking (Car accident syndrome).
So, I turned my head and rubbed Howard's feet and ankles and prayed until I heard the surgeon say he couldn't get the tooth out. He said he was going to try one more thing (using a left tooth tool on a right tool for torque, I suppose) and if he couldn't get it out then he was going to have to cut it out and suture him back up. 30 seconds later I heard a pop and he had gotten the tooth, thank God. The other broken tooth on the bottom that wasn't infected took 5 minutes (maybe) to get out.

He was in pain during the entire surgery an afterward. As soon as possible I got him to take some pain medicine and he went out like a light switch. Now he has eaten lots of jello, pudding, sherbert, tea and mashed potatoes and says that his mouth doesn't hurt at all (this is only with Motrin). He says his ears are hurting him, but that's it.
Praying for a swift recovery now for him so he can have the other two taken out next month, then his perfect smile will be pain free, finally!

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