Thursday, January 17, 2013

So many things...

So many things have happened since my last blog post.
I quit writing because my life, although blessed in many ways was overdosed in negativity and I honestly didn't want my blog to become a "Debbie Downer" blog like it has in the past.

What has happened since my last blog post...
I gained back 11 pounds of my weight loss. This is what happens when you quit exercising. I kept going with my healthier habits, portion control, and did the 3 day military diet once more since my last post...but I still gained some of it back because of not exercising. I did every now and then, and having 3 kids and being a busy Mom still kept me on my feet but not routinely, at the gym like someone that is as overweight as I am needs to be.

Update on the kiddos...
Parker turned 3 at the end of September. He is still not potty trained (we're working on it constantly). He hated his sisters going to school and leaving him at the beginning of the school year but is now doing great with it now that it has become part of our routine. We are still having major separation anxiety issues whenever we leave him at church or gym child watch areas. He cries constantly and within the 'cry limit rule' we are always called. We have been consistent in going, keeping a schedule hoping that he would get used to it but it did not happen. I am very concerned, to say the least. I have seriously been thinking of doing a mother's day out program to see if that may help at all. I love my boy beyond words but his reactions to being away from me in different situations needs to improve. He has gotten better with others watching him, we've had a few instances where I left him with our neighbor or a family member and it went much better than expected. I'm hopeful!

Maddie has had a lot of milestones...she started Kindergarten and loves her class, classmates, Teacher and School more than ever before. Right before the school year she got glasses as well. That was not a surprise to me, because she was a preemie I was told at birth that she may have sight issues, plus she has that stacked up against her with Howard and my eyesight. What killed me is she really needed them. I felt terrible when I realized how bad her eyes were and how thick her lenses were. Poor punkin. She picked out her own frames, and they are precious and she loves them. She also has turned 6 at the beginning of this month. She's still such a drama queen but such a big girl, too. She also has 2 loose teeth (her bottom 2). One of which is so loose it freaks me out. I am not a fan of teeth or dentistry...ick. She is signed up to play spring t-ball at the YMCA as opposed to cheer leading and  tumbling which she wanted to do (she says she will do that in the summer).

Mackenzie is in Middle School and all that it implies. A ton of clubs, girl drama, liking boys and hours of homework. She is doing very well academically. She has done a semester of dance, that she loved and is planning on joining the dance team in the Spring. She is now doing basketball and is anxiously anticipating the tournaments that will be coming in March. She is playing Point Guard (just like her Mom!). She is in Choir and has had 2 concerts, an Elementary Holiday Tour and sang a solo and did wonderful. She is a member of Drama Club and STAND. She has had lots of friends issues, as do most middle school girls. She is a very mature girl and she has a hard time understanding the drama and why girls are acting a certain way. Being a Mom of a Middle School age girl in this society sucks guys, not going to lie. We constantly encourage her to stay true to herself, talk to us, talk to anyone and make new friends. She is also playing Volleyball at the YMCA this spring an taking voice lessons.

Other big news...My Dad is no longer living with us. Right before Christmas he moved into an Assisted Living Facility and he's been there for a month (tomorrow). He is doing very well and seems to be happy to be around adults, be put in more social situations where he can make some relationships with people his own age. The circumstances that surrounded him moving out were not pretty, but they all happened for a reason and I am thankful for the outcome.

Thank you to all of my new readers, most of which have showed up because of the 3 day diet posts. Stay tuned for so much more with the dieting front, because guess who's going back to the gym next week?

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