Friday, May 25, 2012

Sock Curls-No heat!

So not too long ago we tried the whole 'Sock Bun Curl' thing on Maddie. It worked okay...if I wanted her hair to be in a pony tail with pretty loose curls, but for her hair down? Didn't work. There wasn't enough curl around her face because the hair was pulled up during the process.
So, I found another method via the incredible Pinterest and discovered the most amazing blog EVER! Cute Girls Hairstyles. Seriously, I will be visiting her hair a LOT in my future. So, using THIS tutorial for Sock curls I did it on both my girls. I did a few things different than the video though. My girls had just taken baths, but their hair was a bit damp, so I didn't need to wet their hair. I also had to use 5 socks for Mackenzie's hair because that child has the thickest hair ever.
Okay, onto the pictures!! Let's do Mackenzie's first...

After I divided her hair up into 5 sections: One on the top of the head, one in the back and one in the bottom then both sides. 

How it looked from the front: The flash was blinding 

And when she woke up in the morning, everything had shifted a bit...but nothing fell out and she said she didn't feel a thing! (And she is a crazy sleeper)

After we took out the socks, turned her hair over and loosened up the hair at the scalp only...not through the entire hair strand, your curls will loosen up too much that way. 

 How we styled it for the day:

And then a cute, sleepy smile to finish it out.

And now, onto Maddie. Once again, flash was killer, but here's the front view...

And here's the back. I had to use 4 socks on her hair. It's thick, but fine as well.

And this is what it looked like when she woke up in the morning:

This is her head actually turned over during the loosening up process, check out those curls!!

And when she flipped her hair back up:

And this is how we styled it for the day:

It looked beautiful, and as you can tell she was very pleased!
 Curls galore!
And there you have it! Watch the video, check out the pics and try it! If you try it, let me know, I'd love to see how yours came out! My girls loved this and I got asked by numerous people on how we did this. So easy, have to try this!



  1. oh wow!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!i will have to bookmark that site!!! lord knows i will need it!!! LOL

  2. I wish Samara loved curls, I would try this on her so fast! They are just gorgeous.

  3. ZOMG!!! I love it! Emma would love this, but her hair is a wee bit short for it now.