Friday, March 2, 2012

A lot can change in a month

Has it really been a month? Wow. Ok. Well, you won't believe this.

I texted my Mom the day of THIS post. I just couldn't help myself. I told her that I was having a really rough time with my Dad and support for the situation and I would just really appreciate her giving me a call so we can chat and I can get her opinion on some things. Six hours later, I come out of Parker's bedroom from putting him down and Howard is on the phone with my Mom. She said she never got the text message, but it was weird that #1) She was calling...and so late and #2) She was talking to Howard.
Howard had filled her in on the things that I had told him what was going on (which wasn't all of it, because he is having trouble dealing with all of the issues) and by the time that I got on the phone with her all I got was a lecture and then a whole bunch of crap about how she has disowned her brother and is never talking to him again because apparently he doesn't approve of her life or relationship choices (she is apparently dating a contractor that used to/sometimes works for him). She also told me that the counselor she was seeing (about her bipolar, manic, grief, ect.) said that they no longer want to see her until she gets in a rehab type situation because mental health wise she is all over the place and her addition issues are out of control, she made it clear she was blowing the entire situation off.
All in all, I didn't get even a fraction of what I was hoping for from the conversation but at least I know she's alive, right?
Fast forward to February 9th-
She calls me, crying. Says that her father and brother have given her an ultimatum saying that she is no longer aloud on their property, my grandfather is taking back the truck he gave her and she is completely cut off if she doesn't check herself into a rehab type situation. So, they were taking her to the counselor's rehab facility or recovery center. She checked herself in and has been there ever since.

She has had to go to the emergency room twice, and was admitted both times because of major fluctuating blood pressure that is probably ultimately caused by being cut off of alcohol and drugs which she has been on and off for about 40 years.

To sum it up, she basically sounds wonderful. Is being somewhat supportive when she actually calls and asks me how we are all doing (which is a huge change, let me tell you!). She is working on her own issues mental health wise and addiction wise. She originally decide to stay for 30 days but now that her 30 days is coming up and she had a bad day recently and all she could think about was drinking and getting high she has decided to stay another 30 days. She is being very responsible and I'm proud of her for that. My only concern that she is going from one extreme to another and she initially doing this for the wrong reasons but at least she's doing it, right?

So, she is in a safe place and due to come here at the beginning of April for court and to stay for Easter. We'll see how this all goes.

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  1. Hopefully she'll get a grip on her life. I can totally understand your apprehension. It's hard to have faith in those who have repeatedly let you down.