Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mother Schmother

I am going to tackle this one...issue or person or what have you at a time.

My Mom

The weekend before Christmas my family went to my Grandfather and Mom's house for our Family Christmas. We came a day early so our kids wouldn't be super cranky for the family gathering which was good planning on our part.
It went very smoothly, staying there. Until the night of the actual family gathering. My mom got extremely intoxicated and was reprimanded for her behavior and attitude by her sister while our family was at the restaurant that we have Christmas dinner at every year. At that point, my mom left the table and went and sat at the bar where she saw some friends she had made since she lived there and continued to get plastered and ignore the entire family and also driving back home on her own.
The whole family arrived back at the house and she was no where to be seen and didn't show up for another two hours after everyone else did. And at that point she was plastered, crying and really being obnoxious. I did not want my kids around this type of behavior and Howard or I didn't want to be either so my sweet cousin offered to get us a hotel room because even she could see how uncomfortable the entire situation was.
So, Howard loaded up the car and prepared to leave with our family in tow and my Mom showed up right before we were going to leave. She was an absolute mess and was completely out of control. She said that she had gone to the man's house whom she had been dating and caught him with another woman, who happens to be the major's wife and she was upset as to why we were leaving and it was just a total mess.
Needless to say, we hightailed it out of there and we didn't speak until Christmas Eve. We spoke once more between then and New Years. New Years Eve I am sitting at my house with Howard, the kids, my awesome brother in law and my friend Brandy and her two children and we're having a lot of fun, having dinner, playing games, ect. My mom calls and is, once again, extremely intoxicated and hanging out with a bunch of new neighbors she has. She proceeds to put me on the phone with every male within a 5 mile radius which was extremely uncomfortable. I think I told off a few of them as well when they called me 'sweetheart' and 'baby'
I didn't speak to her again until she was due to come here for a court date on January 3rd. She came. Then went. And I've spoken to her once since then. I have called her 12 times this month. Since she left on the 4th, she's called me once. She refuses to talk to me for the most part because all I have to say is things about the ever fucked up situation with my father that she put me in and refuses to talk to me about it or even support me in any way.
I hate that I want her support. I really hate it.

She is due to come back in a few weeks, again for court. Wonder if she will answer my phone calls or texts between now and then?

Probably not.

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