Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Virtual Reality

I am still alive, I swear.

I honestly don't know what more to say than that. No one wants to read about the uncontrollable situation that is my life at the moment, I don't even want to live it.

Even if you do want to read about it, it sounds so outrageous that it sounds like a bad work of fiction. If I write about it, I guess it makes it more real. However, it may do me some good considering my thought process and how unhealthy it is at the present time.

Did you enjoy my virtual brainstorm here?

I am going to take it, subject by subject. So guess what that means readers? You are going to be my virtual therapists! Lucky you. Run, now, run fast!

First post will be posted tonight or in the morning.

Thanks for hanging in there!

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