Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cheap and Easy Rustic Handkerchief Wreath

Are you ready for a super cheap and easy wreath?
This is seriously one of the easiest and least expensive home decor projects I have ever done.
I made a wreath for Halloween, but this can be used for any occasion, Holiday or Season. I got my inspiration for this project from Huckleberry Prairie
Total Price: $5.41 Time: 30 Minutes
{Helpful Hint: Click on any picture to make it bigger}


One 12" wicker type wreath. I got mine at Dollar Tree for...wait for it...$1!

No fewer than 3 handkerchiefs/bandannas. I used 4 just to get the colors and style I wanted, so this tutorial will go on the assumption you have 4. I payed $.99 each for these at Hobby Lobby.

You also need a good, sharp pair of scissors.

DIRECTIONS: Cut each of your handkerchiefs in half. {Helpful Hint: I make a small cut and rip the rest of the way, so much faster!} Put the other halves of the handkerchief to the side, you will need it later. Pile one of each of the halves in a stack like the picture below:

Then cut through all 4 {Hence, why you need sharp scissors} into 1 1/2- 2 inch strips. Not an exact science, eyeball it. Hence why it's a 'rustic' wreath. {Apparently rustic in my book means that you're too lazy to measure}

Once you have cut up the handkerchiefs put them in piles according to color and pattern you want to use for your wreath.
Then, using your starting color, wrap around the wicker wreath and tie a double knot like the picture below:

Then you just keep on going...

See, it's already looking cute!

When you have about 6" of the wicker wreath still showing get the remaining halves that I told you to put aside earlier. Choose to of the colors and cut a 2" strip of 2 of the handkerchiefs. About 3" from the ends of those pieces, tie them together with a double knot (just like you're doing around the wreath. Then, the tails of the knotted bow you just created tie in a double knot to the exposed part of the wreath which creates the hanger as shown below:

Then keep going all around, even in between the double knots you created with the hanger to give it more stability. The more you bunch the knot bows together, the fuller it looks. And then finally you have something that looks like this...

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! I know I sure enjoyed making this today. Got my mind off of my Fighting Texas Aggies who have developed a theme this season of losing their minds in the second half. Anyway, have fun and please shoot me an email or leave me a comment if you do this! I'd love to see how yours turns out!

Happy October!
♥ Kristin


  1. That's adorable! The boys would love this.

  2. Yes they would! I was intending for the girls to help me, but it is one of the first days in Texas since March that it is below 90 degrees and they wanted to play...I couldn't deny them lol.