Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Thursday night I made a big TexMex dinner and Howard invited his Best Friend Brion over for dinner. It was delicious and the night went well.
As Howard and I were about to fall asleep we heard Mackenzie making noise. She has been a frequent sufferer of night terrors, she frequently talks in her sleep and sleep walks at times. I went to check on her and she was awake. She said her back and stomach hurt, oh yeah, that's the other thing, she's been having PMS cramps for a month or so. Anyway so I go get her some water and some pain reliever and no sooner did she swallow it, that it came back up. Along with her dinner. Everywhere.
She proceeded to throw up multiple times over the next two hours and then just as she settled, Maddie woke up and started doing the same thing. Except she was covered from head to toe so I had to bathe her. They then took turns throwing up and I ran from laundry room, to bathroom, to living room and then crashed in my room when a 10 minute break occurred. By the time morning broke, they were done throwing up but so weak they could barely move. At that point, I wasn't feeling all that hot and Parker was a cranky mess (aka ticking time bomb).
Then, at 11am Friday morning, my husband walked in the door, grabbed the van keys and went and got my parents. He took his lunch to come and help me. God Bless Him!
My mom got there and immediately turned into super mom cleaning, sanitizing, pampering the girls and me while my dad took care of Parker. By the time Parker woke up from his nap he was at it as well.
I didn't start until Saturday morning which of course made me miss the entire weekend, which is another blog entry. Howard didn't get it until Monday morning. Now, we are all healthy as can be but there is nothing nastier then a stomach bug.


♥ Kristin

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